Families First in Cabarrus County provides early childhood education and free parenting programs for families and their children who find themselves struggling with parenting, poverty, addictions, living linguistically isolated and more.

We are thrilled you have found us! Our in-home visiting program, 5-star Cabarrus Bilingual Preschool and support groups find families and their young children, give them a voice and provide support to ensure success at home, school, and life.




for families

All of our programs are offered in English and Spanish and include the entire family. Whether it is empowering parents, connecting to resources, or support groups - we give families the best start in life


for children

Cabarrus Bilingual Preschool is the county’s first and only 5-Star higher early learning experience for at risk & typically developing children.


for community

This program focuses on Improving the future of a growing culturally diverse community through education, recreation, health collaborations and many more activities!   


The preschool is for 3,4 and 5 year olds and … See more here



Families First incorporates the Parents as Teachers (PAT) approach with families where home visits focus……. Enroll here



Celebrating Families!™ is a 16 week educational program for families who are having trouble because of alcohol and other drugs, to help ALL members of the family heal and build vital healthy living skills.... Enroll Here



The Adult English as a Second Language (ESL) program is provided everyday of the week, including Saturdays, and is a powerful tool which allows parents to learn and better connect and communicate at work, medical needs, and children’s schools. Enroll here