Families First in Cabarrus County is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit agency organized to provide prevention and support programs to strengthen whole families. 

Some history:  Families, including babies, are experiencing more and more stress. Over the last few decades the family structure has changed dramatically with more moms working and going to back to school, divorces, homes affected by addiction and mental health, and poverty. Families need help! Spencer and his wife, Aurora, Co-founded Families First in 2014 as a response to these overwhelming needs, including serving a large demographic of under-served immigrant families and their children. The organization decided to provide this help, starting with parents and early childhood education utilizing evidenced-based programs.  

The model is simple. Working with the whole family works - no matter the circumstances. Together, with the support and urging of community leaders, they identified a facility, secured funding and now employ nearly 15 professionals serving 100’ s of families in their homes and the center. The center is increasingly becoming a home away from home for so many families. Through innovated practices and drawing on the strengths of families and their children, Families First is building stronger foundations in fractured parts of the community.

Currently Families First operates Cabarrus County's first and only 5-Star Bilingual Preschool; is a National Affiliate providing Parents as Teachers services, a home visiting program for at risk children and families; and Celebrating Families, a 16-week trauma informed program where families and their children recover together from the affects of substance abuse and addicted homes.