Volunteer & Intern opportunities

You want to help? We are happy to hear that! below are positions currently needing help!

Please fill out the form below to indicate your interest, alternately please send an email to office@familiesfirstcc.org with subject clearly stating your area of interest.

Volunteer opportunities:

Tutoring ESL and GED Teachers

Celebrating Families (meals)

General Office


Intern opportunities:

Child and Development

Teaching Interns

Master Degree Social Worker

Summer High School Interns


What People are saying!

Being an intern at Families First has allowed me to truly experience the reality of "It takes a village". The sense of community is inspiring and promotes a unique and enjoyable learning environment
Families First opened my eyes to the potential everyone in this life has. They taught me that all families, individuals and children can succeed with the proper tools. I am a believer now and will always find time to volunteer with this organization!
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